Raw Cashews

Organic Raw Cashews Bulk supplier

Raw Cashews manufactured and processed to you by Jannat Asia Vietnam, one of the top cashew nuts exporters and cashews bulk suppliers in Asia, Our Cashews are picked, processed and packed carefully.

Cashew nut kernels W320, W240, W180 Organic cashews come with the following Specifications:

  • Breakage: 4-8%
  • Colour: Natural
  • Moisture: 4.8%

Our Quality:

  • Vietnam – ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC, HALAL, FDA.


  • Vacuum bag in cartons
  • 22.68kg = 50lb per carton

Please watch the bulk raw cashews packing process in our factory in the video below

jannat asia vietnam cashew nut

Cheapest Raw Cashews - Vietnamese Cashews

We are truly proud to say that our mission is to export best quality raw cashews with the best price in Vietnam, We guarantee to give best pricing in Vietnam and best quality of raw cashew nuts.

Our target always is to build trust-relationships with our customers, because this is B2B business and we believe we must provide the best quality and cheap raw cashews to obtain the high level B2B partnership.

Where to buy Raw Cashews?

Jannat Asia Vietnam .LTD, a Vietnamese supplier for raw cashew nuts, raw & roasted cashew kernels, You can contact us or submit purchase order here, we have bulk raw cashews ready stock available at factory pricing. Our raw cashew nut comes from Vietnamese cashew nut farms & Africa. Please submit your order below.

Raw cashew nuts are bought and sold mainly in cashew growing areas and concentrated cashew nut factories. Specifically, the purchase and sale of raw cashew nuts can take place at the following locations:

Gardeners: traders and collectors go directly to cashew growing households to purchase.

Agents, purchasing points: agents and traders can organize places to buy raw cashew nuts near cashew growing areas for farmers to conveniently transport to sell.

At the cashew nut factory: usually by agents and traders who have gathered large quantities to sell to cashew nut manufacturers. 

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