Cashew Nut Wholesale

Cashew Nut Wholesale

Cashew nut wholesale from Vietnam, we offer very special rate to our B2B partners, our cashew nut factory is located in Binh Phuoc Vietnam.

We are into the cashew nut wholesale industry with the hope that our partners will have a more reliable choice. Our Jannat Asia company was established with the mission to bring “Better quality for better price“.

Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia

Make your own special food – cashew nut wholesale

Edible cashews have been used as a snack for a long time. Cashews are also used as one of the main ingredients in preparing various sweet and savory dishes, especially in Asian cuisine. Moreover, nowadays, cashews are used in mueslis, energy bars, cookies, chocolates, and ice creams. Cashews are known to be high in nutrients, such as copper, which improve bone health. The most prominent vitamins in cashew are vitamin A, D and E. Cashew kernel is a rich source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. The minerals in cashew nuts are good for human nervous system.

We would like to offer you our professional cashew nut which completely qualifies your expectation so that you can focus on serving the best food to your customers.

Please contact us and explain your requirement, we promise to fulfill all your requirements with no compromises in quality which will not only save your time and energy but will also be cost-effective.

Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia

Our Cashew Nut Wholesale

We specialize in manufacturing high quality grade cashew nut kernels such as: W320, W240, W180, super grade A and A+.

Cashew nut wholesale, our productivity capacity: 40-50 containers/ month.

Jannat Asia Vietnam

Why us?

We are always looking forward for future trust & decent partnerships, building business together as a team and moving forward to meet the international standards of business and trading, we appreciate and value our clients and always ensure to meet their requirements & expectations.

Vietnam cashews are famous for its good quality, taste and appearance. We meet the requirements of the current international quality standard. Products that require testing are tested by the international testing agencies.

Quality and timely delivery are strength of our company. We provide win – win solution to our partner witn Better quality for better price.

Jannat Asia Vietnam


Packing Materials

Primary: High flexible PE (commonly use for vacuuming packing)
Secondary: Cardboard box
Tertiary: Stretch-wrapp

Cashew Nut Wholesale Packaging

The materials use inside the package clean and quality to avoid causing any external or internal damage to the produce. Cashew kernels pack in hermitically sealed containers.

Transport packaging

Transport packaging is strong to protect the contents against damage by outside pressure.

For Customer who want to pack on their own requirements

For those who want more information of their business on our packaging, we only accept when satisfying the requirements: Large quantities 20 tons / month.

Products will be customized based on terms and conditions agreed. The design will be supported by us.