Bulk Cashews supplier in Vietnam

Bulk Cashews Supplier in Vietnam

Cashews are known among the fruit as a snack nut that can be eaten on its own or used in recipes in kitchens around the world. The cashews are native to Brazil and became later widely known in many warm climates around the word. Cashews became famous for its health benefits like controlling blood pressure, weight loss, and also having a healthier heart.

bulk cashews supplier in Vietnam - Jannat Asia Factory
bulk cashews supplier in vietnam - Jannat Asia Factory

Cashews in Vietnam - a high-quality product

Vietnam is known for being the largest cashew nuts exporter with 24.5 percent share by establishing machine processing and domestic technology to ensure a high production rate and enriching a sustainable level of high quality of producing cashew nuts. Bulk cashews production process is executed by drying out the kernel, peeling it using machines and later sorting it out according to size and quality.

The Supply Chain for Vietnam bulk cashews

The supply chain is organized according to related activities of transforming and transporting goods from raw material to the end user. Farmers in Vietnam demand several input factors for their production that are supplied by both private and public sectors including, technology, water, irrigation, fertilizer, seed and others. Therefore, cashew nuts are produced with high quality for the customers through an organised supply chain of Vietnam cashew nuts.

Cashews Suppliers in Vietnam are divided into three categories

  • Raw Cashews processors and manufacturers: they are responsible for processing, sorting, packing, from A to Z, including importing from Africa during the African season.
  • Bulk cashews supplier groups: These usually buy cashews from local farmers, and they do not process or import any cashews, their process include sorting, packing and exporting.
  • third party agents: In general, they are connected to one or more Vietnamese cashews supplier and sometimes are getting exclusive pricing, their process only include sales, and exporting.
bulk cashews supplier vietnam quality

The market and the supply of Cashews in Vietnam

The Vietnamese market has a high potential of expanding in the coming years. Processing factories in Vietnam are promoting a high production rate of cashews due to its large scale of facilities and its plentiful labor power gives it a competitive edge over other bulk cashew processing countries.

Vietnam has been planning to rise the value of cashew nuts products by investing in technology by cutting production costs to ensure quality.

The agricultural supply has been the most important and popular source supplies for farmers in Vietnam and this process is valuable to train store keepers to undergo a procedure of professional training by the local agricultural department to have a license to sell agricultural supplies.


Despite being the number 1 in producing cashew nuts, Vietnam has faced obstacles and challenges considering that the supply of cashew nuts on an international level only meets one-third of the demand overseas. Regardless of these challenges and obstacles, Vietnam continues to maintain its position as the leading country of exporting bulk cashews around the globe.

How to find a trusted cashews supplier in Vietnam ?

Plan a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, or Binh Phuoq province if you like to visit the farms and take a look at their local supply process and market, do not expect to find anything genuine in the local market, it is better to find a factory representative first and plan your visit after that. our sales office is located in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City, please visit us or meet us in Binh Phuoq to take a look at our factory, processing, and packing.

cashews supplier in vietnam, jannat asia packing
cashews supplier in vietnam, jannat asia packing
cashew nuts supplier vietnam
cashew nuts supplier vietnam