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Jannat Asia Vietnam is a Vietnamese cashew nut factory based in bình phước province, we process raw cashews from Vietnamese & African origins.

We offer very special rate to our B2B partners, We are uniquely positioned to provide the finest quality and fully traceable cashew kernels that have been sustainably procured and responsibly processed to our diverse customers worldwide.

Our cashew nut factory was established with the mission to bring “Better quality for better price“.

Quality Vietnamese cashews delivered to your door, worry free and get best price with us!

Our Cashew nut kernels

Raw Cashews

  • W320 Raw
  • W240 Raw
  • W180 Raw

Roasted Cashews

  • W320 Roasted with skin
  • W240 Roasted with skin
  • W180 Roasted with skin

Quality Organic Cashews for Healthy Snacks

Your health holds an upmost importance to us, which is why we only source for carefully hand and picked cashew nuts from the most reliable farms with zero chemicals, toxic fertilisers and preservatives from various parts of the world for you to enjoy at the comfort of wherever you are.

A 100% Natural & Premium Quality and best affordable price brought to you by one of the top cashew nuts manufacturers in Vietnam, to enables you and your customers to order product across totally different varieties of Organic Cashew Nuts and gets them delivered to the doorstep with the best quality, Low Prices & special offers.

We deliver door-to-door to worldwide,  For Orders, Wholesale, and Related Queries please contact us here Contact Us Now

W240 roasted cashew nuts with skin
W240 roasted cashew nuts with skin

Why Buy From Us?

We Supply quality organic Vietnamese cashew nuts to your door step, guaranteed best pricing and quality. Key points why you should buy from us

  • Guaranteed Best price
  • Better Quality
  • Deliver to your Door
  • Easy Payment
  • Best offers for B2B partners and online sellers

Farms of Cashew Nut Supplier

Our cashews come from farms in Vietnam, and after the season ends, the cashews come from Africa.

Cashews are processed in our factory in bình phước, Vietnam. We ensure the high quality processing and kernels.
Cashew nuts are 3 cm long and composed of a kernel covered by a thin skin and two shells. The inner shell is very hard and difficult to crack. Between the two shells is a toxic and highly caustic oily substance. If you try to remove the kernel with your fingers, this substance burns your skin and causes blisters.

Vietnamese cashew nut raw
Vietnamese cashew nut raw

Cashew Nuts, Amazing Healthy Food

Individually hand plucked at the farm and goes through professional quality control in the factory, giving you only the optimal quality for your healthy treats.

Normally, cashew trees can grow up to 10 metres tall. Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped and are attached to the bottom of ‘false fruit’ which grows from the flower stalks. These are called ‘cashew apples’, even though they look more like pears. Each ‘apple’ produces just one nut.

Our Delivery Services

  • Door to Door delivery
  • CIF
Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia
Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia
Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia
Cashew Nut Supplier in Malaysia

Quality Control of Cashew Nut Supplier

We meet the requirements of the current international quality standard.
Products that require testing are tested by the international testing agencies and  customized based on terms and conditions agreed.

For those who want more information of their business on our packaging, we only accept when satisfying the requirements : Large quantities 20 tons / month.

Cashews Supplier – Vietnamese Cashew Nut

  • W320 Raw Cashew Nut
  • W240 Raw Cashew Nut
  • W180 Raw Cashew Nut
  • W240 Roasted With Skin
  • W180 Roasted With Skin

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